As a quick look at the nutrition label verifies–the facts about Parmigiano Reggiano® cheese nutrition are impressive!

Rich in Calcium

Parmigiano Reggiano cheese is a rich source of calcium, a mineral essential for bone growth and strength. A one-ounce serving supplies about one-third of the typical adult’s recommended daily need for calcium of 1000 milligrams.

This good news about Parmesan cheese nutrition is especially welcome to groups who have trouble getting the higher level of calcium they need: preteens and teens, postmenopausal women and seniors.

Excellent Protein Source

Just one ounce of Parmigiano Reggiano delivers one-fifth of the typical person’s daily need for protein. Here’s another tidbit about Parmesan cheese nutrition: All nine amino acids are present in this cheese, qualifying it as a complete protein.

Because of its long aging, Parmigiano Reggiano is easily digested, making it a good choice for babies starting at 8 to 10 months and for young children, seniors and others with delicate digestive systems. This cheese is also favored as a quick energy source for marathon runners and weekend athletes alike because it is a protein source that digests quickly into our bodies.

Vitamins and Other Nutrients

Another key fact about Parmesan cheese nutrition—a serving of parmesan cheese contains B12, a vitamin needed in the formation of red blood cells and in maintenance of the central nervous system. At the same time, it supplies a variety of other vitamins and minerals—consult the chart for details!

Many people turn to supplements to fulfill their vitamin and mineral quotas. That’s not wrong, but research and common sense tell us that whole foods are superior because they supply not only specific vitamins or minerals, but a variety of other nutrients such as antioxidants that protect and repair our cells, helping to keep us healthy.

In other words, a nutrient-dense food like Parmesan makes every calorie count!

More Parmesan Cheese Nutrition Facts

Parmigiano Reggiano is lactose-free, making it a safe choice for people who have trouble digesting milk or milk products such as cheese and yogurt.

You can feel good about eating an all-natural cheese. Parmigiano Reggiano is made with just three ingredients: milk, both skimmed and whole, sea salt and natural calf rennet, a natural enzyme. No additives or preservatives are added, ever. The milk used to make Parmigiano Reggiano has a lower bacteria count because of the careful way the cows are fed —no sileage (fermented feed) is permitted. For this reason, there is no need to add lysozyme (egg white), used by other cheese makers to prevent undesirable secondary fermentations. That’s a boon, of course, to people allergic to eggs.

Parmigiano Reggiano is one of the safest naturally made cheeses. Long aging results in a cheese with a moisture content so low it simply does not support bacterial growth—a Parmesan cheese nutrition fact that is especially reassuring to pregnant women, parents and people whose immune systems are compromised.